Big Love! Tell Us What You Donated!

Did you just do something heroic? Did you just send a gift to a library in need?


And please, let us know what you sent. And if you’re feeling talky, Dewey listens like a bartender who’s got hours to go before last call… on open mic night. Feel free to tell us what got you here, and why you gave. Feel the love.

Thank you! You just made someone smile.

If you bought something off a wish list please copy and paste the URL into your post — it will turn into a link automagically! Note that your post will appear after we’ve had a chance to read it over and add info to our book drive tally.


  1. OMG, last day! I have to throw in a few more, this time on the personal tip.

    In honor of my daughter:
    Rosie’s Family: An Adoption Story, by Lori Rosove

    And, because I am crazy for mystery novels and believe that kids will read if they see their parents reading, AND because these are set in Baltimore and have an African-American sleuth, the Darryl Billups series by Blair S. Walker:
    - Up Jumped the Devil
    - Hidden in Plain Sight
    - Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

    All right, Dewey! I’m out!

  2. I could not resist clearing out the Teen wishlist, so ordered the last 7 books from the Ivy Bookstore. Hope you get good use out of all the books I sent.

    • We absolutely will (and have been already – have you seen the Flickr pictures of the kids reading Loser?). Thank you!