2012 Book Drive Update! A Thank You from Taw Saeng

We at Taw Saeng are so grateful to all the readers who donated books to us through the Dewey Donation System! The first book to arrive was Where the Wild Things Are. Whoever sent that had great timing, as it arrived on our last day before a holiday break, and my last day before heading back to the US for a few months. It was so much fun to read the kids a book that I loved as a child. They were all enthralled with the pictures and story.

Books kept coming in over the next couple weeks, little by little, until one day, Ahna, another staff member, went to the post office in her roommate’s car. This was unusual because most of the time, people in Thailand drive motorbikes (like Vespas) because cars are too expensive.
When she went to check for packages the attendant asked, “What kind of vehicle do you have?”

“A car,” she replied. “Why?”

“Well, because you have SEVENTEEN boxes of books here, and I don’t know how you would get them all home on a motorbike.”

Ahna was shocked and excited by this news! As you can imagine, that was a fun day at Taw Saeng. All the foreign staff and kids took turns opening the packages and the staff squealed in excitement at seeing their favorite childhood books. One of the best responses came from a 7 year old girl upon opening an Angelina Ballerina book: “What?! This mouse is DANCING!” Of course, she immediately demanded that someone read the book to her.

Every Tuesday, we spend half an hour with the kids as a group reading English books to them, followed by a question and answer session to test their comprehension. It has been so much fun to pick out a new book or two each week to share with our kids. We also have a sister program called the New Garden, which is a safe house for girls rescued from human trafficking. The girls there actually read and speak English better than the kids in the Taw Saeng program, so we were able to bless them with some of the more advanced books to enhance their library, which they were very excited about.

We also want to thank the people who sent in monetary donations. When we initially started the Dewey drive, we were hoping for enough donations to purchase new computers. Since then, we actually had someone donate two refurbished computers to us. Also, due to some issues with the people managing the transfer of funds from the US to here, we were very short on cash for our every day expenses. So, with the money donated by Dewey donors, we were able to continue to provide dinner for the kids, as well as purchase art supplies and birthday presents while we waited for our financial situation to be resolved in the US.

Unfortunately, the person responsible for keeping track of the Paypal transactions turned out to not be so responsible and has as yet not given us names or emails for the people who so generously donated. We feel so awful that we have been unable to send personal thank you cards to those who donated money and books. If you would like to get a thank you Christmas card and photo from the Taw Saeng kids (and staff), or if you would like more information about our programs, including our child sponsorship program, please email your contact info to heatherinthailand@gmail.com.