A letter from the Biloxi Public Library (and meet our awesome librarian!)

Hi Pamie,

Here are some pictures. Let me give you a little background for them:


This is inside the main branch of the Biloxi Public Library, which was located a few miles inland from the Gulf. I am sure you have seen the pictures of what it was like in there immediately after the storm. Here you can see how far the walls had to be ripped out to protect from mold. The first picture is where the adult fiction section used to be, and the second is one of the former computer rooms.

[Whenever I talked to Sharon on the phone, I always imagined her standing at a circulation desk, computer in front of her, and the phone had a cord. She was in a library from the past, but she was also, in my head, in a real library. So imagine how much my heart sank when I saw this... - pamie]


This is Sharon! She’s sitting in the middle of a pile of books waiting to be sorted and talking on her phone, multi-tasking, of course. It was the only way I was going to get her to sit still for a picture.


From left to right, this is Erin Coston-Waller, Heather Weeden, and me. We are all graduate students at USM, Heather just graduated. She did her practicum in Biloxi and so spent most of it cleaning up and sorting. We are standing in front of the books that will be used to rebuild the libraries. All three of us are members of our school’s Library and Information Science Student Association (LISSA) which helped with several rebuilding efforts.

The rest of the pictures are what is left of the Gulfport Public Library, which was a beautiful, modern, beach-front library. It is an eerie and mournful sight to behold, and the dangling light fixtures move in the wind like ghoulish wind chimes.




I just want to really thank you for selecting Harrison County. So frequently, the national attention has been focused on Louisiana and its struggles, that living here, it can often feel like Mississippi has been forgotten. It is frustrating for everyone on this state, even me, and I have lived here less than a year. It feels good to know that out there, people are remembering Mississippi as well.

Again, thank you.


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  1. Sharon Davis

    Angie, you know I love you? Which is why I won’t kill you for putting a picture of me all icky and sweaty on the web for all to see. Really, thanks girl for all your support.

    –Sharon Davis
    Branch Manager, Margaret Sherry Library