About Taw Saeng

Taw Saeng (that’s Thai for “to shine”) is a children’s ministry project of The Garden of Hope. Located in Chiang Mai city, Thailand, their children’s ministry center is on Loi Kroh Road in a very busy bar/massage parlor district near the night bazaar.

Taw Saeng reaches out to displaced tribal children who were reduced to selling flowers in bars. Several have been exploited sexually. Taw Saeng takes these disadvantaged children off the streets, feeds them healthy meals, helps them to succeed in their learning (including English), teaches social survival skills and offers an opportunity to play in a safe environment.

Due to limited space, Taw Saeng’s program currently works with 33 children in the red light district area, with hopes to expand their program to include the other 100+ children in the surrounding neighborhoods. Their goal is to promote education, family unity and every child’s worth. Many of the children are from hill tribes or just desperately poor, so they have been shunned by society. Taw Saeng’s purpose is to teach them that they have value and worth and not to let anyone put them down or tell them they are not good enough to achieve their dreams.

Their program consists of teaching English, homework assistance, providing dinner, teaching Bible classes, art and music therapy, teaching healthy eating habits, home study visits with the families, abuse prevention and more. They coordinate with local schools and police to keep the kids safe even when they are not at the center.

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