All Right! Pamie’s Mom Rocks Out for

Pamie’s mom threw down a challenge — and the generous donors of the Dewey Donation System answered. Thanks to everyone who donated their time, money, effort and tweets to make this moment possible.

Pamie’s Mom issued the following statement: “Oh, I really don’t know what to say other than thank you for everything, and thanks for supporting Pamie. Lots of kids are going to read good books now. Not just kids. Gardeners. Cooks. I’m really happy for the library.”

Ladies and gentlemen, book lovers and Beatlemaniacs: Pamie’s Mom! Is! Rock Band!

If you love the video, or if you love Dewey, please feel free to pass it on.


  1. (I figured out how to post this while Dave was asleep. I’m going to be proud of myself all day.)

  2. Awesome. You go, girl.

  3. Awesome! worth it. Shake them hips, Mama.

  4. Pamie’sMom – you rawk!

  5. The VLP loves this.

  6. cool chris

    you are right — she’s going to kill you!

  7. Awesome. Sauce. Way to go, Pamie’s Mom!!

  8. awesome! She should not be ashamed for being so groovy!

  9. That is so worth it. That is so totally your MOM!

    Pamie’s mom should guest on the next Damn Millionaires album.

  10. Pamie’s Mom is my new hero. She’s got great moves, and a great heart to help Dewey this way. This video is fabulous! She rocks it! Way to go, Pamie’s Mom! Yay!

  11. Pamie’s mom, you are a GREAT dancer and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face today.

  12. That is adorable, your mom is fantastic! Yay!!

  13. That was alright! Thanks Pamie’s mom!

  14. I love how, for the first half of the video, it looks like she’s in a room all by herself, rocking out!

  15. Pamie’s Mommy rocks! Yay for books and Rock Band!!

  16. okay, this is by far the BEST THING THAT YOUTUBE HAS EVER SHOWN ME IN MY LIFE.

    and when did your mom and my mom become the same???? holy shit, your mother resembles mine in a VERY EERIE WAY. i love, love, LOVE your mother more now. <3

  17. Wow, your Mum can move!

  18. I love it! That is greatness! Thanks to your mom for putting herself out there for a good cause. :)

  19. Way to go Pammie’s Mom! Cute!