Children’s Institute

“Safe children. Strong families. Healthy communities.” — Childrens Institute, Inc.

The Children’s Institute helps children who have been affected by violence in their homes or communities. Since 1906, Children’s Institute has been serving at-risk children and families throughout Los Angeles County. The agency provides healing and support so traumatized children can recover and lead healthy lives. They lead children away from tragic outcomes and on the path toward opportunity and achievement.

For too many children, violence is a daily fact of life. In Los Angeles County alone, there are more than 160,000 reports of child abuse and neglect each year, and the number of unreported cases is far greater. When children are repeatedly traumatized by violence, their chances of growing up to lead healthy, productive lives is profoundly threatened. They are more likely to fail in school, enter the criminal justice system, and repeat the cycle of violence with their own children. Since 1906, Children’s Institute has provided help and hope to vulnerable children and their families in some of Los Angeles’ most troubled neighborhoods. Our programs strive for two main goals: first, to heal children who have already been hurt; and second, to prevent children from ever being hurt in the first place. We believe that the lives of traumatized children can be turned around through positive, effective intervention. And we believe that no child is beyond hope.

CII serves more than 10,000 children and families struggling through difficult times with treatment, prevention, early care and education, and community services programs. They also work to inform the larger child welfare field through research and professional training.

kidsgroup.jpgIn short, they do really good things for really good reasons.

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