Dewey’s Going Into the Ugly Cry Already!

Librarian alert!

As of 5:00pm ET, we’ve had 48 donors give a total of $2,420! What a fantastic response. That will allow us to buy somewhere around 700 books and reach another 300 families! We’re so thrilled to be working with you all on this project – our Children’s Librarian, Micki Freeny, is all smiles today!

I’m also impressed that so many of the contributors don’t live in DC – so they would never have the opportunity to visit our libraries and see our work in action. It’s thrilling to see people mobilize around the country to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn to love to read, which is really what the Sing, Talk and Read program is all about. Through this program, we’re working to instill a love of learning early, so that kids can grow into educated, passionate readers. Babies learn faster than at any other time in their lives, and studies show that babies who learn reading skills early have an easier, more enjoyable time at school; have more self-confidence as a learner; and tend to have better-developed minds. This program is so important, and Dewey Donation / DC Rollergirls is really making a huge difference!

We’re so thrilled about this partnership – I never imagined such success! Do you think we can beat the record for most raised for one of your campaigns??! :-)

Thanks again – let me know if you need anything else!


The DC Rollergirls said the most they’ve ever raised at one of their charity fundraisers was for some kind of “hair-cutting extravaganza for My Sister’s Place” which set their record at $6,325.

You know we can beat that. We’re almost halfway there in less than two days! Now, Dewey’s record is 882 donors, 1928 books, and $17494. That was for our 2008 drive for the Children’s Institute and the Negril All-Age School in Jamaica. (Mmm. Jamaica. Let’s go, you guys. Right now.) Much of the success that year can be attributed to (we all had jobs and money) the amount of incentives and prizes people kicked in for mini-giveways each day. So if you have something you’d like to donate in Dewey’s name — a gift card, a fancy thing from your etsy store, a galley of your fancypants novel — please email pamie or dave and let us know.

You also kicked the pants off our anonymous donor’s challenge — and he/she even confessed that the initial challenge was a much lower sum than I eventually made it be. Moneypants was so grateful that he/she kicked some additional funds into that donation, so you can be really proud of yourselves for that.

(PS: Any other possible donor-matchers out there? They are fun and you get to make up the rules of the game!)

As I write this, our front page tally stands at 65 donors, 162 books and $2865. We’re entering a three-day weekend where you know you’re going to be wasting some time online trying to escape your family, so please keep us in mind when you’re like, “What can I click/share/send/do while I wait for my turn on WWF?”

Thanks for doing what you do best — surprising the hell out of people with how wonderful and generous you are. You guys are good people.

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  1. The hair-cutting extravaganza was auctioning off the opportunity to cut off some of DCRG skater Velocityraptor’s extremely long hair. Her hair went to Locks of Love and the money raised, as you said, went to My Sister’s Place. If I recall correctly, Raptor’s hair was divided into 5 or 6 pony tails so that everyone who made the largest bids could lop off a bit. (She now sports a super-cute chin-length cut.)