Final Tally: Happy Faces All Around

My goodness, that went quickly! We sent some books, dropped some cash, reached our goals and changed over 1000 children’s lives in less than two weeks. Not too shabby, Dewey-lovers.


From our DCPL contact:

Hello all,

I just wanted to send one more huge THANK YOU to all of you for your work with the DC Rollergirls’ fundraising drive for Sing, Talk and Read.

I’m very pleased to say that as of today, we have raised a total of $3,565 from 76 donors – if we estimate that the average STAR book costs $5, that’s 713 books! We have also been sent 219 books, for a total of about 930 books! And, the money and the books are still rolling in – both Micki and I have piles of board books in our offices, waiting to go to at-risk families and babies in the DC area.

Again, thanks to you all for your help with this project – we hope to continue working with DC Rollergirls, and very much appreciate your support of DCPLF!

All my best,

And from our tear-inducing comments section:

So…I’m the DC Rollergirl who originally wrote Pamie and thought this would be awesome if it all worked out. And it’s succeeded way beyond what any of us could imagine.

I gave $100 to the DC STAR program…although because they’ve gone way over their fundraising goal, it’ll probably go to the rest of the library’s programs at this point, and that’s super cool as well.

I have a few obsessions (I think Pamie pointed out that derby girls tend to be overachievers.) One is roller derby, of course, which I’ve taken up at a way advanced age…and then there are pandas (I volunteer at the National Zoo and have traveled around the world to see pandas).

But my third major obsession? Reading. I read 300 books last year, and am over 100 this year so far. I started reading at a very young age, and was always encouraged to read voraciously (well, my mom wasn’t thrilled with my Harlequin Romance stage, but even still, she didn’t try to ban any of my books…now cassette tapes, that was another story!)

So I can’t imagine not reading, or being in a family where no one read, or not owning any books, or anything that would have prevented me from learning about anything I ever wanted to know just by reading about it. I’m so proud of what our partnership with Dewey Donation System was able to accomplish, and am going to work to help make those successes happen with other derby leagues.

-Paula (Claw)

Brutal Noodle and Scoriental Express of DCRG's Scare Force One (photo by Melanie Scala)

The DC Rollergirls did the smartest thing creating a fundraising table for the DCPL at their last bout. They had a reading area for the kids, places to sign up for your library card, and a gently-used book sale. Says Claw: “I can’t emphasize enough how awesome this was…I have never seen so many of our fans excited about our charity work, and the DCPL table was BUSY BUSY BUSY with people getting library cards, checking out books, and kids getting their free RIF book.”

Their fundraisers at their last two bouts raised a combined grand total of $316.64!

The intent of Dewey was always to spread the power of reaching out to your local library to see where you can help. We’re so proud of the DC Rollergirls for what they’ve done to increase literacy awareness in their community.

Heather Askew, our Saw Taeng volunteer, also has some thanks to give!

To all the donors:

A huge thank you for restocking our shelves! I am amazed and excited by how quickly you cleared out our list. We received our first book in the mail on April 11, Where the Wild Things Are! It was perfect timing as it was our last day before spring break, or Thai New Year. I read it to the kids as we finished preparations for our SongKran (New Year) festivities at the center. We are all excited to see what the next week’s mail will bring. Thanks again so much for your donations and if anyone is interested in becoming a monthly sponsor for a child to help keep our program going, please visit our website at or email us at:



Thanks to everybody who donated and spread the word. It is impossible to overestimate the size of your generosity. Our final tally as of today is: 157 people gave 282 books, $4304 and sponsored 1080 kids.

Dewey’s getting sleepy now… ready to curl up with a good book and…maybe… just a page before…zzzzz.