How to Donate To Taw Saeng

Taw Saeng has three pressing needs: new books for their library, new computers for their computer lab (they’re currently using desktops over five years old) and a video camera to record their Christmas pageants and end of quarter pageants.

Mission Buy All The Books: COMPLETE!

Thank you! You guys bought out the Taw Saeng book wish list!

Cash Donations

Taw Saeng currently has non-profit status only in Thailand. To ensure your donation is tax-deductible, they receive funds through their sponsoring church in Washington state.

Select the “Garden of Hope” option on this website to make a PayPal donation:

Online Donations via VVCC’s Garden of Hope

Other things your money can sponsor

Did you already send a book but would like to send more? Here are some things Taw Saeng would love to have on hand. If you sponsor one, let us know so we can give you public props!

Megaphone: $15 buys a megaphone to keep order on outings and get the kids’ attention when indoors. [MEGAPHONE SPONSORED! Thanks, Erica!]

CD Player: $45 would provide a new CD player with an MP3 input for the teachers’ iPods. [SPONSORED! Thanks, JeniMull!]

Video Camera: $300 would buy a high quality camera, or $125 would get a nice Flip Cam

New Computers: $2500 would purchase an entirely new computer lab for the kids to do homework and staff to prep for daily activities. (If you are sending money towards the computer lab, please let us know so we can add you to that list of donors.)

Other needs that are less pressing: microwave, cd player, helmets for the kids, and computer programs such as Photoshop and Microsoft Word.

If the Internet scares you, donations will be accepted over the phone at 253-630-0222. Don’t forget to mention Dewey.

You can send a check made out to TGOH (this stands for The Garden of Hope, which is the overseeing organization of Taw Saeng) and put “Dewey Donation” in the memo line.

The address is:
Valley View Christian Church
25605 124th Ave SE
Kent, WA 98030

Or you can donate directly at Please be aware that these funds will go into a general pot for the organization, and not necessarily to the library drive. You could always let us know in the “What You Gave” section, and we will try to keep tabs on how much money went to directly.

Care Packages

What if I want to send coloring book and crayons? I like making care packages! I have free time and I am crafty and all my friends are life, “I don’t need any more of your crafts, Jessica.”

Taw Saeng would happily welcome new school supplies, coloring books and toys — but please no weapon-type toys or guns of any kind. Beware that Thailand taxes large incoming items, but if your gifts are sent in small packages, shipping should be fine.

Heather tells us: “We had someone in Australia put a whole Christmas package together for us, and shipped it, but it was 3 boxes of 30 kilograms each, so they required all these permits and fees and it was a big mess. In the end, we never got the packages cause we couldn’t afford the customs on them! But if people are sending just a book or two from home and put no cash value on the package, or less than $20, there should be no problem sending that stuff through.”

So send your care packages to:

Taw Saeng
ChangKhlan Post Office Box 26
T. ChangKhlan, A. Muang
Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50100


  1. I’m trying to buy a book from the Thai bookseller, but I’m not sure how to input the address of the charity for shipping.

    I put the post office box info in the address line, but underneath that is: T. ChangKhlan, A. Muang

    What are those words? The names of the people we are sending it to?

    • Pamela Ribon

      I think those are the names of the people you’re sending it to, yes. Is there not two address lines so you could put both? Heather gave me that address twice in that order, so perhaps that’s how Thailand addresses their mail.

      • No, there’s only one line.

        The fields are:
        First Name, Last Name, Company Name, address, city, state, country, zip.

        I’ll try putting one of the names in the first/last name fields.

        It’s so neat to send books to the other side of the world!

      • Pamela Ribon

        neat and slightly confusing. thank you!