Rockhouse Foundation

“To help an individual far away is a tremendous, tremendous action. You go to another community, the children are the same. They might look different; their needs are the same. Whatever their socio-economic conditions are, children are children. And if we treat children right, then we are securing a bright future.” — Jean Brown, Teacher, Negril All Age School


The Rockhouse Foundation is committed to improving the human condition of Jamaica’s children. The Foundation combats endemic poverty at its core by transforming learning environments, funding programs that support child development, and creating partnerships that leverage the knowledge and experience of the great people working with Jamaica’s children.

Like most things that happen around here, The Rockhouse Foundation was brought to our attention by a letter from a reader:

Hi Pamie dot com,

My husband and I were just married at a little hotel on the cliffs in Jamaica called the Rockhouse Hotel. We chose the Rockhouse for our wedding because of the Rockhouse Foundation. The owners of the hotel started a foundation to help improve schools in Negril. Their current project is the Negril All Age School. Before our wedding we brought school supplies with us to the school and met the principal, the teachers and the amazing children. The experience was truly touching. At this point there are as many as 60 children in a class at one time. The Rockhouse Foundation has managed to raise enough money to improve the structure of the school but at this point they are really working on renovating a little side building into a new library for the children. We went inside and looked around and they are in desperate need of age-appropriate books and school supplies (kindergarten through 8th grade).

I’ve seen over the years the tremendous force your book drives can be and these children are among the sweetest and happiest I’ve ever seen (despite their hot and less than pleasant conditions). Is there any way we can try to raise awareness for this school to try to get donations or books or school supplies?

I understand that you must have a ton of requests like this, but they are so adorable and I figured it couldn’t hurt!

Kate D

As we prepared to to help fund the new community library by partnering up with Peter Rose over at Rockhouse, the renovations on the Negril All Age School were completed. Watch this:

So the school is completed and they preparing to break ground on the community library soon.

Here’s where we come in! Located adjacent to the schools, the library serves many current and former students, local high school students and community residents. The library’s footprint will almost triple in size and will include a new computer facility, an expanded work area for student projects and workshops; many new, updated titles and a larger, more inviting junior library section. The new space will be a much needed resource for children of all ages.

We’ve been given a list of their needs, and we’re sure the good people of Dewey will once again come to the rescue. Man, you guys are good at making kids happy.

In addition to the hundreds of books needed to stock the shelves (everything from reference books, textbooks, and magazine subscriptions to YA novels) , the Negril Library will also need:

  • up to 20 computers
  • computer chairs
  • 10 printers
  • an overhead projector
  • early childhood furniture (tiny chairs! tiny tables! a mini design fest!)
  • 20 multi-purpose work tables (seating 8-10) and chairs
  • 20 standing bookshelves. (you know, for the books.)

Ready to help? AWESOME. Click on over to the How To Donate page!