Updates, Winners, Goals, and Hooray!

Well, we’ve had quite the week here at Dewey Donation System, and we wanted to take a second to thank all of our generous donors, word-spreaders, book-lovers and Dewey-huggers.

Books are starting to arrive in both DC and Chiang Mai. The DC Rollergirls are hard at work prepping their used book drive for this weekend’s bout, where they will sell grab-bags for five bucks. We’ll find out Monday just how much we can add to this year’s fundraising total, but you can already pat each other on all your backs:

We’ve sent every single book on the Taw Saeng wishlist. We’ve also reached the DC Star’s fundraising goal, in addition to sending an extra 150 books!

Congratulations to our big winners for our National Library Week contest: Rachel T., who won two tickets to this weekend’s DC Rollergirls bout, and Stephanie F., who won a signed ARC of MESSY! Ladies, check your inboxes — we’ve sent emails to you both for collecting your booty.

Want to join in on the fun? It’s not too late to send some help to Taw Saeng or DC Star. Just five dollars goes an incredibly long way in helping these kids and their families.

Thanks again to our wonderful donors. In just over a week, you’ve sent 230 books and $3607, making a huge difference to hundreds of children. Group hug!

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  1. Michael

    I counted up the Purchased books on the two wishlists, and it looks like Dewey actually has raised a total of 275 books so far, which is even more impressive.