We have an anonymous benefactor and it is making pamie kinda hot and bothered.

We have an anonymous benefactor! And she/he has thrown down a challenge!

“I’ll donate $300 each to DC Star and Taw Saeng once Dewey is able to raise a combined $2000 from other donors.”

Hey, guys! It’s Pamie. Aren’t anonymous donors kinda sexy? I always picture them with monocles and glasses of scotch. That probably says too much about me.

I wanted to thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday, and for supporting Dewey with your gifts of cash, books, and tweets/pins/shares. The love is starting to spread, but it’s a little slow-going. I’m hoping our anonymous benefactor will inspire you to find someone with five bucks for a book that’s going right into the hands of a child who needs it. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s that guy across the hall who’s always going on about how great his pants fit. That guy needs to give a little.

And where are all the derby girls? Seriously. I don’t understand. Where are all my jammers and blockers and pivots and refs and announcers and merch sellers and door-wristband-ID-checkers and volunteers and derby widows and fans and fresh meat and derby lites and COME ON. I know you have five dollars because derby is expensive.

Anyway, the sexy benefactor is waiting to drop ducats. All we gotta do is drop some first.

And we got a letter from the DCPL!

I just wanted to share the good news with you — in just one day, we’ve had $765 donations come in through our online donation system for the STAR program! So that doesn’t even count the number of books that we will receive – and the bout is still over a week away!

That’s a lot of books!!

Again, we’re thrilled – and thank you so much!!

Do you want to help, too? Go help Thailand! Go help DC! Thank you!