What You Gave!

Did you just do something good? We’re so proud of you! Please boast about your heroic efforts here. Tell us what you gave, why you gave it, and where you did your boasting.

I mean, you have to brag about it. It’s kind of the coolest thing you could do today. We can’t wait to find out what awesome surprise awaits you. Wait, you do know about the Karmic power of Dewey, don’t you? Trust us: it’s pretty amazing. (Feel free to share that here, too. We’ve heard some great stories over the years.)

Hooray for you!

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  1. Sent $50 to TawSaeng and $50 to DC Star. WOOOOODEWEY!

  2. I gave $20 each to Thailand and DC.

  3. I send $40 – $20 each to Thailand and DC.

  4. Mary Ann

    Just gave $125 to DC Star. Hooray for books!

  5. Natalie

    $15 to DC.

  6. Kaijsa

    $30 to D.C.

    • Pamela Ribon

      And with that, we’ve reached our benefactor’s goal! Hooray!

  7. On behalf of DCRG and DC STAR, I just wanted to say thank you all for donating!

    • Pamela Ribon

      And thank YOU, tireless tweeter!

      • Heh, I am sure the Dewey and DCPL accounts are tired of seeing my tweets OVER AND OVER again :)

  8. Ditto what Mels said! On behalf of DC Rollergirls and DC STAR, MANY THANKS for taking the time to donate!!!

  9. Kristen

    I gave 4 Please, Baby, Please books to DC and sent $20 to Thailand. (I also listened to the Tandoori Lady podcast yesterday since Pamie and Glark crack me up!)

  10. $50 each to Thailand and DC. Yay, libraries!

  11. Susannah

    I sent $25 to DCPLF.

  12. Anonymous Donor

    Anonymous Donor here – When I offered my match challenge to Pamie, I set it to kick in at $1500, but Pamie had more faith in all the other wonderful donors than I did and raised it to $2000. It was amazing to see how quickly the total rose today and hit the goal. To help celebrate this, I ended up increasing my pledge and donated $350 each to DC Star and Taw Saeng.

  13. $20 to DC!

  14. I sent 2 copies of Please, Baby, Please and 2 copies of Tomie’s Little Mother Goose to DCPL. (I also posted about the drive on Twitter and Facebook.) Go Dewey!

  15. Jeanette

    I donated to both causes in honor of my father whose birthday I’m remembering today. He always called me his little bookworm.
    Go Dewey!

    • Pamela Ribon

      Thanks, Jeanette! What a sweet way to honor your dad. Do you mind sharing (or emailing) the amount you donated so we can keep our front page tally as close to up to date as possible? Thank you!

      • Jeanette

        Sure. I donated $15 to Thailand and 4 books to DCPL.
        1 “Tomie’s Little Mother Goose”
        1 “Please, Baby, Please (Classic Board Books)”
        1 “Freight Train Board Book
        1 “My First ABC Board Book (My 1st Board Books)”.
         Thanks for coordinating this every year!

  16. Rebecca

    Just donated $50 to DC students and 5 books sent to Thailand.

  17. My Dad is moving to Chiang Mai when he retires (his house is being built as I type) so I hope to go there one day and see the good work of Taw Saeng in person.

    I gave $8.50 to Thailand and a copy of Where’s Spot? to DC. I’m sorry it couldn’t be more.

  18. nsfinch

    I just sent 6 books to DC and accidentally got a 4-for-3 deal. Everyone go snap that up right now!

  19. Just donated $50 to DC in my mom’s name (like Pam’s mom, she was a huge supporter of libraries and took me there weekly) and $50 to Thailand. And I’m trying to spread the word to new donors via Facebook! I’m using guilt. It’s a great weapon.

    • Pamela Ribon

      Thank you, Kim! What a great way to honor your mom. I am hugging you, Internetally, super hard right now.

  20. Marsha

    Just ordered 3 books on Amazon Wish List. Sooo easy to do and you should see them soon. What an amazing way to help children. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Color Zoo Board Book
    My Very First Mother Goose
    ¿Dónde está el ombliguito?

  21. Just gave $50 to the DC library foundation. Thanks to Sars at Tomato Nation for the heads-up on this fundraiser, and keep up the good work!

  22. Just gave 6 books from the wishlist to the DC Library Foundation. As someone who benefited from being an “early” reader, I think the program sounds awesome!

  23. To switch it up a bit, today we gave $25 to Thailand and sent 3 books. Yay Dewey.

    • Pamela Ribon

      There should be entire shelves every year we do Dewey that just has your family’s name on them. Thank you, Giant-Trashes.

  24. I gave $30 to the DC star program day before last, just now getting to the bragging part. Books! For! Kids! Awesome!

  25. Kerry S.

    So thrilled to see Dewey’s back in action! I’m late to the party, but I bought 3 books on DC Star’s Wish List (Moo Baa La La La (because I love Sandra Boynton’s books!) Where’s Spot? (because I love dogs) and My First Mother Goose because every kid should get to know and love nursery rhymes!). I also gave another $30 to DC Star and $60 to Taw Saeng! Happy reading and learning, kids! :)

  26. Money’s been tight for the last couple of years and I haven’t been able to participate in the Dewey Donation System fundraisers But this year I am employed(hurrah!), and, ironically, at an Amazon.com distribution facility. So, of course, I didn’t give books — I gave cash instead. I thought both the organizations could make better use of it. $10 to DC Star and $10 to Thailand. Wish I could give more.

    Way to go Dewey!!

    (No, I don’t have any control over Dewey’s Amazon orders and when they go out. Couldn’t even if I tried.)

  27. Al Lowe

    Dewey restores my faith in humanity every year. Times are tough, but each Huff can spare five bucks, dang. $15 to DC, and I’ll try to send some Thailand’s way, as well.

  28. Yay Dewey! $50.00 donated to Thailand. Will try to figure out sending actual books too. I spent a few days in Chiang Mai back in 2007 and it’s lovely and I wish I could go back!

  29. Just sent 5 copies of “My First ABC Board Book” to the DC Star program!

  30. Stephanie

    I donated $25 to DC – and my company will match it so $50 total! Go Dewey!

  31. Matthias

    $25 to DC and $25 to Thailand, in gratitude for EHG, one of my favorite things that happens each week.

  32. I sent “Angelina Ballerina 25th Anniversary Edition” and “Angelina’s Christmas” to Thailand! I hope the kids enjoy!

  33. I bought the 6 outstanding books on the Thailand wish list. There’s a couple things on the wish list still but they won’t actually ship them to Thailand so I think it is done. :)

  34. sarah r.

    i just sent 8 copies of moo baa la la la en espanol to dcpl – i hope they enjoy them as much as we love that book!

  35. Just sent 4 copies of Moo Baa La La La en espanol to DCPL. Last 4 in stock at Amazon. They better get more in, we have books to buy!

    Thanks to Pamie, Glark, for doing this every year. Reading IS fundamental.

  36. I just donated $50 to DCPL because I’m lucky enough to be a librarian in a library that doesn’t need the Dewey Donation System (at least not yet). Libraries change lives, and I’m proud to support a program that helps them to do so.

    I’ve also enjoyed EHG, pamie.com, and TWoP SO much – thanks for the opportunity to give back!

  37. Michael

    I made another round of donations:

    - Sent $75 to Taw Saeng.

    - Total of 8 books to DCPL – 2 copies each of “¿Dónde está el ombliguito? Un libro para levantar la tapita por Karen Katz (Spanish Edition)”, “Oso pardo, oso pardo, ¿qué ves ahí? (Brown Bear and Friends) (Spanish Edition)”, “Color Zoo Board Book”, and “Where’s Spot? (Little Spot Board Books)”.

  38. $50 to DCPL

  39. Julianne

    Thanks for organizing Dewey again this year. I sent a total of 12 books to DCPL (5 Where’s Spot? 5 Tomie’s Little Mother Goose and 5 Color Zoo Board Book).

    • Pamela Ribon

      … Isn’t that fifteen books?

      • Julianne

        Sorry, the last one was supposed to be 2 for the Color Zoo Board Book.

  40. I sent 4 books to DCPL:

    Freight Train Board Book
    Where’s Spot?
    My First ABC Board Book
    Moo, Baa, La La La, Spanish Edition

  41. Katherine

    Sent 3 books to DCPL! “Where’s Spot?”, “Color Zoo Board Book”, and “Oso pardo, oso pardo, ¿qué ves ahí? (Brown Bear and Friends)”.

  42. Just sent $20 to Thailand. Would like to have given more, but I’m willing to be sent to Thailand and read the donated books personally to make up for it.

  43. I donated $25 to DC in memory of my brother who was a journalist & life time reader who would have loved this charity to pieces. Thanks for the opportunity Pam. It ALWAYS makes me feel better about the world to donate to great causes like this.

  44. I donated $10 to Thailand and 3 books to DCPL: Muu. Beee. ¡Así fue!; My First ABC Board Book (My 1st Board Books; My Very First Mother Goose.

  45. Anonymous Do-Gooder Type

    So happy to see Dewey back! I gave $50 to each project.

  46. $125 to D.C. STAR, yo. Thanks, tax refund!

  47. Paula (Claw)

    So…I’m the DC Rollergirl who originally wrote Pamie and thought this would be awesome if it all worked out. And it’s succeeded way beyond what any of us could imagine.

    I gave $100 to the DC STAR program…although because they’ve gone way over their fundraising goal, it’ll probably go to the rest of the library’s programs at this point, and that’s super cool as well.

    I have a few obsessions (I think Pamie pointed out that derby girls tend to be overachievers.) One is roller derby, of course, which I’ve taken up at a way advanced age…and then there are pandas (I volunteer at the National Zoo and have traveled around the world to see pandas).

    But my third major obsession? Reading. I read 300 books last year, and am over 100 this year so far. I started reading at a very young age, and was always encouraged to read voraciously (well, my mom wasn’t thrilled with my Harlequin Romance stage, but even still, she didn’t try to ban any of my books…now cassette tapes, that was another story!)

    So I can’t imagine not reading, or being in a family where no one read, or not owning any books, or anything that would have prevented me from learning about anything I ever wanted to know just by reading about it. I’m so proud of what our partnership with Dewey Donation System was able to accomplish, and am going to work to help make those successes happen with other derby leagues.

  48. Paula (Claw)

    Oh yeah, I also had to buy 4 copies of the Color Zoo book for DC STAR, because colorful shapes and zoo animals are just a few of my favorite things!