Here's how you and Dewey are helping Taw Saeng & DC STAR
157 people gave 282 books, 4304 dollars & sponsored 1080 kids!

Guess what, guess what, guess what? It’s pamie’s birthday week. Guess what, guess what, guess what else? THEN it’s National Library Week! So we’re opening up Dewey’s doors to celebrate all things books and the nerdiness that is Pamie.

This year we’re giving back to two big-time Dewey Donation System/ fans who just might inspire you to do something so past your comfort zone you end up finding your calling. These women embraced the communities who supported them, and became passionately involved in life-changing charitable works.

One found herself in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and went from volunteering through her church to help tribal kids escape the sex trade industry to becoming a foster mother to an orphaned teenage girl. (Hi, what did you do today?) Wait until you hear Heather’s story.

The others are more than some of the coolest, hard-hittingest, derby-playingest, kickass ladies of our nation’s capital. The DC Rollergirls are a non-profit league run entirely by skaters, maintaining a strong sense of pride in the community by partnering with local charities and participating in local events. The league’s vision is to promote athleticism, diversity and roller derby, and foster self-worth, personal strength and female empowerment.

Pamie met both Heather and the DC Rollergirls at different book signings over the years, and has been continually impressed with everything they do.

We’ve got two very manageable libraries to stock and reshelf this year. These shelves are used by some of the world’s neediest kids – kids who need to be reminded that they are special, that they are loved, and that they will never be alone.

Dewey works because it’s a book-loving, kid-friendly community of sweet, silly people who are kind and compassionate enough to help those in need. Thank you so much for continuing to be some of the best people the Internet has to offer.

Dewey loves books, Thailand, roller derby, and you. Possibly in that order. (Dammit, Dewey’s getting teary again and we’ve only just started!)

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